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To find out who you really are first you need to know who you are not. 
Psychotherapy & Well Being

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Encontre um caminho para viver com mais Leveza, Clareza e Consciência!

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This is a space dedicated to Self-knowledge and the integration of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.  

For a long time we have lived in a fragmented way and we are tired of knowing that wanting an external order in the world without an internal order only creates more disorder!

Through the comprehensive lenses of  Transpersonal PsychologyGestalt Therapy  and some of the oldest self-knowledge philosophies and traditions such as Yoga , Vedanta and Buddhism, we'll dive together into the most subtle and profound aspects of our existence as human beings.  

Shall we dive together?

Are you looking for more clarity, lightness and fluidity in your life? 

Would you like more balance between body, mind and emotions?

Are you looking to improve the quality of your mental health and relationships?

Meditation Class
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"Self-knowledge is the ultimate achievement which, we might say, needs no further achievement. Any other kind of achievement cannot give a person lasting happiness and security. But by gaining self-knowledge, where a life of pursuit meets its apex, all achievements are accomplished."

~  Swami Dayananda


What are you looking for? 

In-Company Activities

Individual Assistance

Culture & Innovation

Consultancy service that supports companies in their transformation processes

Acting through Change Management Projects, Coaching , Employee Wellbeing , Training & Development , Mental Health and Wellbeing .

Self-Mastery Program

4 or 8 week program that supports and inspires individuals on their inner journey of Self-Awareness . A unique path through Ontological and Psychological approaches such as Gestalt Therapy , Transpersonal Psychology combined to Eastern wisdom traditions such as Yoga , Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta


"Without self-knowledge, without understanding the functioning and functions of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and he will forever be a slave."

​~George Gurdjieff

Improves Sleep Quality

Sleep is a fundamental pillar for a healthy life.  But, the question is who we are and what we do when we are awake. 

Reduces Fear and Anxiety

As a result of equanimity and a balance achieved on a mental and emotional level, we reduce anxiety and the chances of depressive states.

Reduces Stress Levels

The first question we should ask ourselves here is why should I reduce something that doesn't even need to exist in my life? 

Improves Attention and Concentration

Our ability to focus and pay attention is directly proportional to our ability to deal with our own mind.

Program Benefits


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