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After a deep existential crisis in 2013, I learned about meditation and decided to travel through the 7 countries of Southeast Asia to study and practice the teachings of the oldest spiritual and self-realisation traditions from the East, such as Buddhism, Hinduism and other schools.

Today, I work as a Psychotherapist, Coach and Mentor. I specialized in Transpersonal Psychology and I am a Yoga practitioner, student of Vedanta, Western and Eastern philosophies and everything we are not taught in college.


I worked for a few years in the corporate world. I lived in Europe for 4 years, in Australia for a year and a half and I consider Asia my second home.  

My concerns and searches about life, existence, the universe and the question: Who am I? are the seeds, the earth and the water of this work.


As a person, I seek the truth of the things I study and practice. As a therapist, I look for the intimate, human and unique process of each individual.

Brunno Colpo

A bit more about my journey...

Brunno Colpo

I was a sensitive and observant child. As I watched the adults around me full of opinions and certainties, I found myself always ignorant of the world and its apparent "functioning". Doubts brought me many moments of suffering and anguish. Today, as an adult, I learned that doubt is the true compass that leads us to wisdom and that we actually know very little about the world and its mysteries. We cling to beliefs and opinions for fear of the unknown. And as fearful as I felt, my desire for the truth was always greater.


So, that's when I decided to travel and see the world with my own feet, eyes and heart. Nothing could have prepared me for the most important journey of my life.  

So I started the biggest and most challenging journey you can ever make. The one inside yourself. 



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Multidisciplinary courses and training related to therapeutic work:

  • Training in Transpersonal Psychology by Instituto TAWA-UNIPAZ Transdisciplinaridade em Educação e Saúde.

  • Undergraduate in Psychology at IMED Porto Alegre.

  • Postgraduate Degree in Human Resource Management from Central Queensland University in Sydney, Australia.

  • Bachelor in Business Administration from UNIP-SP.

  • International Diploma in Transformational and Existential Coaching by the Animas Center for Coaching in London.

  • Germinar Program - Development of Leaders and Facilitators (Modules 1 and 2).

  • Introduction to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)  by the Toby&Kate McCartney NLP Institute in London.

"This error of not knowing yourself is the source of all your sorrows and the cause of all your stumblings."

Sri Aurobindo

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